About Franziska

Dear Ones,

Thank you for being here, reading my story. On my spiritual path, I experienced challenges like everyone else. I hit rock bottom to rise again like a phoenix. I know now that these were the initiations I went through to bring me the necessary growth and expansion to be on this path of service.

It was in 2009 when the Angels called me first. The call was so strong that I left my three children with friends, went to a different country to immerse myself in the loving energy of the Angels for three days. I came back on a higher path and took life-changing decisions for the greater good of my family.

I worked hard at purifying myself, letting go of the old so I could maintain a steady frequency and my emotions would not go up and down. I learnt to raise my consciousness out of the emotional level and focus on the mind. Positivity was my keyword. In 2011 I became a teacher with the Diana Cooper School. I learnt to work with Angels, Masters, Unicorns at a deeper level and consciously accelerate my ascension path.

More recently, I have started working full time as a spiritual teacher and author. I discovered my passion for writing self-help books and fiction, and I have developed an oracle card deck. I also connected with my beloved Dragon Wei. Slowly he became more and more important to me and is part now of my immediate support team of Guardian Angel, Unicorns and Dragon. With the support of a Dragon you can achieve anything.

Wei is a highly evolved being, and I have met him in distant eras in other lifetimes. He has much to teach. The most beautiful thing I want to share is how to be a ‘Master of the Heart’. A loving heart is invincible. Wei and I take three deep breaths into the heart to expand it beyond our physical body. I can see his heart light up beautifully. Working from the heart and using the energy to raise the frequencies around us is what a Spiritual Warrior does. I see the sword as a symbol of the power of the heart. The Spiritual Warrior fights with love. The heart energy flows through the arm into the sword to do its work.

I feel blessed to be here at this moment in time and guide you on your journey. Your presence here on Earth is sacred, and you have a higher purpose. Through divine grace, I have activated my gifts so I can serve you and all of humanity.

Yours in service and love always,