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‘Activate Courage with Archangel Metatron’ was the title he dropped into my mind. Another Archangel Metatron workshop? I wondered, and he was adamant about it. Courage is the most important quality of the Stellar Gateway chakra because it gives you the courage to act upon all your achievements and stand in your power using your life force for the highest good.

Your Stellar Gateway is a vast golden chakra above your head beyond your outstretched arms, with 12 chambers arranged in a spiral, each containing an ascension quality, and courage is in the innermost chamber. This workshop will ignite courage and the other 11 qualities at a higher level. But that is not all. You will also create an Archangel Metatron Stellar Gateway aura spray. While Archangel Metatron activates the divine qualities in your chambers, he will also add them to your spray.

Archangel Metatron, who comes in glorious golden orange, overlights this event. He oversees the ascension process and develops the golden fifth-dimensional Stellar Gateway chakra for humanity. The Stellar Gateway contains the light of your Monad, your highest dimensional aspect, and is a portal to the 6th dimension and beyond. The workshop will be recorded, and a link will be automatically sent.

  • Open the Stellar Gateway chambers and fill your aura with ascension qualities

  • Activate courage at a higher level so you take action and stand in your power

  • Connect with the Cosmic Stellar Gateway Mars/Nigellay and receive the codes of the spiritual leader and warrior of light

  • Be one with your Monad and contribute to holding the entire universe in peace

  • Create your personal Archangel Metatron Stellar Gateway Spray to keep the frequency in this chakra high


What you will need:

  • A glass of water

  • Crystals (choose intuitively)

  • A spray bottle

  • Essential oils (if you have them)


Monday, 3 June 2024

5 pm UK Time
6 pm Rome
9:30 pm IST
9 am PT

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