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The period between 2012 and 2032 is the most important time there has ever been in the history of our planet as a metamorphosis is taking place, and we will assist in the birthing of a new Golden Age. During this time, any lower frequencies, karma, limiting beliefs and patterns are surfacing so that you can align to a fully fifth-dimensional existence where you live in oneness, and life on Earth becomes an incredibly beautiful experience for everyone with true love, transcendent joy and peace in your heart.

In the first part of this 2-hour interactive and experiential workshop, I will share facts to get to know Lord Kumeka and Master Marko so you can deepen your connection with them. You will practise psychic skills, in particular levitation. Connecting with Lord Kumeka and his topaz blue light is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to transmute anything old surfacing from your past and link into universal oneness.

In the second part, I will take you on a journey to Golden Atlantis, where you will visit Lord Kumeka’s topaz crystal cave and meet Master Marko and his crystal skull in the Temple of Poseidon. You will have the opportunity to transmute any lower frequencies in all areas of your life to align fully with your highest possibilities so you can live as a Golden Future citizen holding oneness consciousness.

Lord Kumeka and Master Marko will overlight this event. Lord Kumeka is one of the greatest Illumined Masters who originates from another universe and serves in many of them. He has never incarnated on Earth but was part of the team that oversaw the final experiment of Atlanits during which the Golden Age arose. He comes with a topaz blue colour and directs the Eights Ray of deep transmutation.

Master Marko, a High Priest in Atlantis, represents the highest galactic federation in our solar system, the capital of which is on Saturn. He holds the advanced technological information of all universes in a vast high-frequency quartz crystal skull. The event will be recorded, and a link will be automatically sent.

During this event, we will:

  • Connect deeply with Lord Kumeka and Master Marko

  • Practice the psychic skill of levitation

  • Visit Lord Kumeka’s topaz blue crystal cave in Golden Atlantis

  • Experience deep transmutation in all areas of your life

  • Connect with Master Marko’s crystal skull on Saturn

  • Link into universal oneness and experience transcendent love and joy


Sunday, 14th July

10 am UK Time

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