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Pyramids are incredibly powerful and can store information like computers. At the fall of Atlantis, six High Priests and Priestesses constructed six cosmic pyramids in various locations on Earth, programmed with higher universal wisdom to help us prepare for the golden future. We are ready now to access their information and use it to co-create the new Golden Age.

In this workshop, I will take you on a journey to visit the three cosmic pyramids in Tibet, Peru and Egypt. The Highs Priests Zeus, Thoth and Ra, as well as Archangels Christiel, Michael and Metatron will overlight our work. Serapis Bey, Babaji and Commander Ashtar will also assist. Accessing, downloading and anchoring the wisdom and divine qualities from the pyramids is service work, so please join this event. If you can’t make the time, you will receive a recording.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Align with the power of three cosmic pyramids and access their wisdom and gifts.

  • Download the keys to enter the silence, spread peace, and develop the qualities of harmlessness, love, compassion and oneness for the golden future.

  • Download the keys and codes to bring everything into harmony and alignment.

  • Access the cosmic symbol of the six-pointed star anchored into the Great Pyramid to join the Heavens and the Earth.

  • Collaborate in service with the awesome high Priests Zeus, Thoth and Ra and the mighty Archangels Christiel, Michael and Metatron.


Monday, 4 Dec 2023

5 pm UK Time
6 pm Rome

Franziska is an author, ascension leader, and Principal Teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light with the mission of raising consciousness. She helps those aware of the presence of Angels, Unicorns, and Dragons to connect and work with them to accelerate their ascension.

People who aspire to become spiritual teachers come to Franziska for certified training so they can share their wisdom and assist the shift of the Earth into the fifth dimension.

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