Latest Past Events

Link into Universal Oneness with Lord Kumeka and Master Marko – 2-hour Zoom Workshop with Franziska Siragusa

The period between 2012 and 2032 is the most important time there has ever been in the history of our planet as a metamorphosis is taking place, and we will assist in the birthing of a new Golden Age. During this time, any lower frequencies, karma, limiting beliefs and patterns are surfacing so that you can align to a fully fifth-dimensional existence where you live in oneness, and life on Earth becomes an incredibly beautiful experience for everyone with true love, transcendent joy and peace in your heart.

Activate Courage with Archangel Metatron – Zoom Workshop with Franziska Siragusa

‘Activate Courage with Archangel Metatron’ was the title he dropped into my mind. Another Archangel Metatron workshop? I wondered, and he was adamant about it. Courage is the most important quality of the Stellar Gateway chakra because it gives you the courage to act upon all your achievements and stand in your power using your life force for the highest good.

5D Health for the Golden Future with Archangel Raphael – 2-hour Zoom Workshop with Franziska Siragusa

"Your body is a wondrous, magnificent vehicle designed to live 1000s of years. Our ageing body is an illusion. Looking at ourselves in a higher dimension, we are young and beautiful." This was the message revealed to me by the Universe to inspire me for this workshop. You will work with Archangel Raphael, the 9D cosmic emerald energy and the unicorns to upgrade and activate your 5D health blueprint at a higher level.

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