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Online Courses

  • The Temple of Poseidon was located on the highest peak of the Atlantean mountains, representing the Seven Pillars of the Universe, each relating to one of the spiritual laws. The Temple housed the Great Crystal of Atlantis and the Great Initiation chamber.

    During this recording, you will clear unwanted patterns, limiting beliefs, and lower energies from fears and doubts so you can fully embrace the Law of One that relates to the highest Pillar of Atlantis. The Law of One is about accepting everyone, and everything without judgment, including yourself and your own divinity. It is time to claim Mastery and reside in the fifth dimension!

  • One-to-One Mentorship - To open your unique treasure chest of gifts

    What would completely change your life? What dream do you hold deep in your heart? What is your mission for this lifetime?

    The one-to-one mentorship journey with me focuses on helping you replace limiting beliefs with motivation and trust and rely on your unique abilities to create or manifest something special to you.

  • Do you want the energies in your home and life to flow? Do you want to step onto a higher path? If so, this course is for you. Come on a one to one (or one to two) ZOOM journey with me over a period of 10 weeks. Feng Shui is about bringing harmony and peace into your home and your life. We will work with the Angel of your home, the mighty Archangels, your personal Unicorn and Dragon, the Goddess Kuan Yin, the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Lord Kuthumi and other beings of light to raise the frequencies.
  • ARE YOU READY TO OPEN YOUR CHAKRAS AND STEP INTO YOUR POWER? Are you having difficulty keeping a steady high vibration? Do you give your power away to people or situations? During Golden Atlantis, 12 chakras were fully functional, and people constantly vibrated at a fifth-dimensional frequency using their amazing gifts and talents and feeling happy with life. At the fall of Atlantis, the vibrations dropped, and five chakras were closed down, resulting in a loss of abilities. The Earth is going through an incredible dimensional shift, and once more, you can activate your 12 fifth-dimensional chakras, step into your power and awaken your spiritual gifts. When your chakras are open and you work with them consciously, higher wisdom and inspiration flow through them.
  • Lifetime access to the Stepping into the Golden Age. Interviews with 8 amazing speakers.
  • Do you want to meet your Ascension Team, composed of Angels, Masters, Unicorns and Dragons? Do you want to become more disciplined and establish a routine for your spiritual practices? If so, this course is for you. The requisites are an open heart, willingness to work on yourself and keeping a journal to record your experiences and insights.
  • Are you ready to manifest your new abundant life? Do you want to increase the flow of abundance in all its forms, including money? This course guides you to achieve that in 5 steps, 8 exercises and a powerful visualisation with the Archangels Zadkiel, Chamuel and Raphael. 
  • Discover how to access the higher wisdom and support of the Ascended Masters. They are your older brothers and sisters who had walked the Earth before you and learnt the lessons offered. The Earth is shifting into a new dimension, and you are asked to opt out of the mass consciousness into the higher Master consciousness.
  • Do you want to experience higher love, profound joy and access your inner wisdom? Unicorns are pure white enlightened beings. This short lesson aims to connect you with your personal Unicorn and the ninth-dimensional Diamond Unicorns to guide you onto a higher path.


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