• It is part of everyone's mission to spread love on Earth, and raising your love quotient is equally as important as raising your light quotient. The flow of unconditional love, kindness and compassion is essential for the foundation of the new Golden Age.
  • The Atlantean Crystal Skulls are highly evolved computers made from clear quartz crystal and fashioned with the power of the mind by the High Priests and High Priestesses.

    In Golden Atlantis 12 skulls were made, one for each of the 12 tribes and it holds the wisdom specific to the High Priest or Priestess that fashioned it and his or her tribe.

    A thirteenth Amethyst skull was also made and we can call it the Master Skull because it holds the combined knowledge and wisdom of the other 12.

    During this workshop we will meet all 13 skulls and use them to help Earth shift out of duality.

  • The Temple of Poseidon was located on the highest peak of the Atlantean mountains, representing the Seven Pillars of the Universe, each relating to one of the spiritual laws. The Temple housed the Great Crystal of Atlantis and the Great Initiation chamber.

    During this recording, you will clear unwanted patterns, limiting beliefs, and lower energies from fears and doubts so you can fully embrace the Law of One that relates to the highest Pillar of Atlantis. The Law of One is about accepting everyone, and everything without judgment, including yourself and your own divinity. It is time to claim Mastery and reside in the fifth dimension!


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