Strumenti Per L’ascensione Superiore

Franziska Siragusa ha scritto un libro molto speciale pieno di informazioni spirituali e di visualizzazioni meravigliose e di ispirazione. La sola lettura ti riempirà di luce e accelererà il tuo viaggio per l’ascensione. Mi è piaciuto molto. Diana Cooper



“Franziska Siragusa has written a very special book full of spiritual information and beautiful, inspirational visualisations. Just reading it will fill you with light and accelerate your ascension journey. I loved it. ” Diana Cooper

Discover how to accelerate your ascension with a variety of tools. Higher Ascension Tools is perfect for the spiritually awake and disciples and initiates on the ascension path. The book came into being in an unexpected way. Horus came into Franziska’s dream, showing her a book and giving her guidance for the writing.

Franziska introduces you to Horus, the Diamond Unicorns, the Goddess of the Oceans, the Cosmic Whales, Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Planetary Logoi, Atlantean Cats, Isis and Jesus and shares her personal experiences with them. The book includes channelled messages to facilitate your connection with these incredible beings who wish to help you move forward on the ascension path.

This book includes information and guidance about

  • The Atlantean Skull of Horus
  • The Monadic family
  • Meeting your personal Unicorn
  • Aligning with your soul
  • The Antakarana bridge
  • The Ray of Will Power
  • Accessing the thoughts and emotions of Source at the moment of creation
  • Linking into the consciousness of the Ascended Masters
  • The Merkabah
  • Being a channel for Divine creation


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