The Seven Pillars of the Universe – Zoom Workshop with Franziska Siragusa


In this one-hour Atlantis workshop, I will take you on a journey to visit the Seven Pillars of Atlantis to access and integrate cosmic energies. These pillars are also known as the Seven Pillars of the Universe, and we will use their power to help you enter more deeply into your mission and manifest the new Golden Age. You have incarnated at this particular time as a light worker, intending to contribute to the shift. This is part of your mission, and we will do important service work during this workshop.



Golden Atlantis lasted for 1500 years, and during this golden era, people lived in bliss and had awesome spiritual powers and gifts. They maintained divine simplicity and performed incredible technological feats. At the beginning of Golden Atlantis, the Temple of Poseidon was built by the Intergalactic Council, forming the central peak and the other six surrounding it. Each of them represents a spiritual law that governs our world.

The Atlantean High Priest Thoth channelled these laws, and they are the law of intention, the law of unconditional love, the law of responsibility, the law of grace, the law of manifestation, the law of karma and the law of one. On each of the peaks, you will meet a mighty High Priest to help you integrate these amazing energies at a cosmic level to help you manifest your mission and the new era of love.


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