• Discover how to receive messages from the divine via the names of people that appear in your dreams. The positive and uplifting messages and affirmations will help you bring changes into your life. When you open up to this kind of communication, the Angels will step in and talk to you through the names in your dreams.
  • GUARDIANS OF THE DRAGON PEARLS is a magical adventure and tells the story of Ha-ru and Ha-rin, who incarnate on the same day at the same time to carry out a joint mission in the historical setting of the 14th century Joseon Dynasty.
  • “Franziska Siragusa has written a very special book full of spiritual information and beautiful, inspirational visualisations. Just reading it will fill you with light and accelerate your ascension journey. I loved it. ” Diana Cooper
  • Franziska Siragusa ha scritto un libro molto speciale pieno di informazioni spirituali e di visualizzazioni meravigliose e di ispirazione. La sola lettura ti riempirà di luce e accelererà il tuo viaggio per l’ascensione. Mi è piaciuto molto. Diana Cooper


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